Are you a Creator?

Are you a Creator?

Are you a Creator or a Consumer?

17 percent of us are CREATORS! Only 23 percent are pure consumers…

The 1% rule is often misunderstood to apply to the Internet in general, but it applies more specifically to any given Internet community. It is for this reason that one can see evidence for the 1% principle on many websites, but aggregated together one can see a different distribution. This latter distribution is still unknown and likely to shift, but various researchers and pundits have speculated on how to characterize the sum total of participation. Holly Goodier, in conjunction with the BBC presented research in late 2012 suggesting that only 23 percent of the population (rather than 90 percent) could properly be classified as lurkers, while 17% of the population could be classified as intense contributors of content. Several years prior, communication scholars Eszter Hargittai and Gina Walejko reported on a sample of students from Chicago where 60 percent of the sample created content in some form.

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  1. Steve McCrea says:

    What can we put on walls and on desks to stimulate and remind students to create? A slogan? A phrase like “got milk?”

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